You are Near

People come and people go. Maybe they leave because of a job, because they want/need space, they change, we change, other relationships take priority, or, death takes them away. It is a painful part of life. Ultimately, it should unsettle us because we were not created for that. God created man to be in perfect … More You are Near

Breakfast & Bands

Yesterday to kick off Valentine’s, I went running & then stopped by CVS to buy myself some Dove chocolate (well I was really searching for chocolate chips for waffles, but they didn’t have any, and chocolate was on sale, so I just did it). It was funny to see all the last minute shoppers getting … More Breakfast & Bands

Summer Lovin

Yet again, Birmingham has been hit with snow. Classes have been cancelled and delayed and, thankfully, this time, most people are home safely and able to enjoy it. But all this cold weather is making me long for warm summer days where I can relax outside, eat popsicles, and not be bundled into a million … More Summer Lovin

My Life’s Not for You to Make a Name for Yourself On

Last Monday I watched Rent on Netflix while I was at work. It has some good songs, especially “Seasons of Love” One scene that stood out to me was when Mark, the character who is trying to make a documentary (and is subsequently always filming awkwardly), turns his camera on police harassing a homeless woman. Instead … More My Life’s Not for You to Make a Name for Yourself On

Uncertain waiting

Many times we crave certainty. Control. Predictability. We want things to work out the way we think is best. When they don’t, we get upset. We may get angry at God because He isn’t acting the way we think He should. It may things like not getting that job you hoped for or a relationship … More Uncertain waiting