Feeling 22

I don’t really know how ones “feels” 22, but whether I like it or not, I will be 22 very soon. It seems each year around my birthday I’m a bit more introspective and like to reflect on the past year to see if I’ve learned anything. This is some of what 21 has looked … More Feeling 22

One Last Dance

Saturday night was the last dance I’ll go to as an undergrad (other than impromptu and spontaneous dance parties!). I got to spend it with Darren, Geoffrey (not pictured), Amy, Katie & Katie, and some of their friends… I tried to get Becca to come to the dance with us but she said she hates … More One Last Dance

Ashes to Ashes

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. It also marks the fifth anniversary of my grandma’s passing. Ash Wednesday is a reminder of human mortality and of our repentance towards God. It is a solemn occasion, ushering in Lent, a time that we remember Jesus’s forty days of temptation in the desert. A time to remember how while … More Ashes to Ashes