What’s that in your hand?

13 blankets and 65 scarves Shortly after my parents moved into their current house, the house I lived in until I went to college, they met their neighbors. To the left, the Roe family, who still lives there with two of their three children. Carolyn Roe is still one of my best friends. We grew…

Never Quite Do You Justice

“These people who can see right through you never quite do you justice, because they never give you credit for the effort you’re making to be better than you actually are, which is difficult and well meant and deserving of some little notice.” Marilynne Robinson, Gilead

A Dragon No More

So this summer I am taking some time to do things I actually enjoy because I finally have a little free time in the evenings and on the weekends. One of those things is reading for fun! I started the summer off by reading all of the Chronicles of Narnia books. I read them when I … More A Dragon No More