What’s that in your hand?

A great reminder of how we all have something, and nothing is too small for God to use.

Suzanne M Seidel

Image 13 blankets and 65 scarves

Shortly after my parents moved into their current house, the house I lived in until I went to college, they met their neighbors. To the left, the Roe family, who still lives there with two of their three children. Carolyn Roe is still one of my best friends. We grew up together and we’ve had some fun times, that’s for sure.

To the right, the Yergers, who promptly invited my parents to church because they are the kind of people concerned about people’s eternities. My mom went to church with the Yergers and my mom acknowledged the truth of the Bible and her necessity for a Savior and became a Christ follower when I was two. Praise God.

Sue Yerger (known as “Grandma Susie” to the kids in the neighborhood) became our babysitter/nanny when I was born. She would come over in the morning when…

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