Forgetfulness in the Face of Fear

Life can be pretty terrifying sometimes. There have been some things in my life (and probably yours too)–uncertainty about the future, broken relationships, financial difficulties–which make me wonder, “Where are you, God and what the heck are you up to right now?” Unfortunately, sometimes (a lot of times) instead of trusting Him and putting one foot in … More Forgetfulness in the Face of Fear

Found These

I forgot all about the photos I took at graduation party/in NYC for my trip. So here are a few snapshots of good times. My graduation party was thankfully the night before we had all the horrible tornadoes. It was a bit drizzly but a good crowd still came out!   NYC: What a crazy … More Found These

Three Fourths

Three cheers for the last three years’ fourth of July.  From Kasoa, Ghana to Lake George, New York, to Central Park in NYC, I have been blessed with many adventures these past few years. Bittersweet day in Birmingham today getting burnt and walking all across Homewood with Amy, hoping to see more places and faces … More Three Fourths