RG Refinishes

This week I finally completed refinishing my dining table and six chairs. I bought them at the beginning of May, and well, it took a month to do because my life is crazy and because refinishing furniture is a lot of work. There were many instances when I was working on my dining set where I thought … More RG Refinishes

Rest Around the Fire

Long nights, early mornings, and meeting deadlines was the order of this past week.  I spent Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning in the editing room to get our film ready to show guest critics on Wednesday (only to sadly be told there is still a lot of work to be done), I spent Thursday working … More Rest Around the Fire

One Last Dance

Saturday night was the last dance I’ll go to as an undergrad (other than impromptu and spontaneous dance parties!). I got to spend it with Darren, Geoffrey (not pictured), Amy, Katie & Katie, and some of their friends… I tried to get Becca to come to the dance with us but she said she hates … More One Last Dance