South Sudan

This April, I have the privilege of participating in a short-term missions trip to South Sudan with my church, Mountain Brook Community, and the non-profit Neverthirst. Sudan, (and now South Sudan), has been a country I’ve researched a good bit about in undergrad, particularly the genocide that has occurred in the region of Darfur.

Sudan/South Sudan has suffered many years of civil conflict due over resources. According to BBC,” at least 1.5 million people are thought to have lost their lives and more than four million were displaced in the ensuing 22 years of guerrilla warfare”. The way the country was divided by colonialists has put South Sudan at a disadvantage with many people lacking education and basic resources like clean drinking water. While South Sudan gained independence in 2011 (making it the newest recognized country!), conflict has continued, particularly over the vast oil fields that are located in the area. While the majority of those living in Sudan are Muslim, South Sudan is comprised of individuals who follow local religions as well as those who identify as Christian.

Our short-term team will be going alongside long-term missionaries and community members to encourage them and to help with their Community Health Evanglism (CHE) training and also visiting several villages that have benefited from Neverthirst’s water projects. CHE educates local leaders on sanitation, public health, etc. so that they can take this knowledge to their villages in a sustainable manner. All of this is intertwined with the Gospel so that both the community’s spiritual and physical health are tended.

I am really looking forward to this great opportunity! I believe the Lord has given me a heart for community development and health, and I look forward to seeing an organization that does that and speaking with and encouraging  long-term missionaries. I hope to share more about what the Lord is doing through Neverthirst and in South Sudan on this page.



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