3 Weeks Until We Leave!

It’s incredible how fast time can fly! In three weeks, Lord willing, I will be hopping on a plane with the rest of the short-term missions team from my church and head to South Sudan. Tonight we possibly had one of our last meetings before we go together.

Some things have changed from the original plan. For one, because there has been such a long time since they have done the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training, we won’t be helping with it. They think it’d be best to have a refresher course before having a team teach the next session. So instead we will be showing the Jesus film as well as using a form of technology to send audio Bibles in the local language to the phones of community members. This way, those who choose to follow Christ will have an accessible way to scripture. We also will be going to several villages to open new wells and also to assess villages that want/need wells. It will be a full week and I’m looking forward to seeing what God does!

We also learned at the meeting that there has been rumors of possible rebel groups moving towards the area and military was called in just in case. Also with different tribes/ethnic groups living near one another, there can be skirmishes here and there. But for now, the long-term missionaries on the ground feel like it is safe for us to go. So go we will! But, a lot can happen in three weeks, and if anything does develop, we may have to cancel our trip. So please pray for peace, pray for safety, and pray for discernment with our team.

With all of this uncertainty, it is good to know that we have a God who is sovereign and who does know what will happen! It is great that He goes before us and behind us and with us.

Please pray for those who we will encounter, pray for the people who do not know Christ, that their hearts will be prepared. Pray for our team’s hearts as well, that we be humble, gentle, and patient. It can be easy to think we have all the answers and to want to tell others what to do, but really we don’t. So pray that we are slow to speak and quick to listen. Also please pray we don’t encounter any snakes–especially black and green mambas!!!!

I am looking forward to seeing how God uses this to shape me and what he shows me. Pray that my heart be open and pray that this trip helps bring clarity on where He is leading me. Right now I know I feel led to attend Beeson Divinity School, but after that, who knows? Perhaps it is to somewhere like South Sudan. Perhaps not. So I pray that this trip gives me some sort of clarity–and not just for the long-term, but the here and now too!

Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for your prayers!


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